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The Major College Football Division

Here is a 16 team College Football Playoff in 2013

These are the Rules for a 16 Team Playoff Plan with the Conference alignment of the NCAA Div 1 FBS under the old BCS for the 2013 - 2014 Season.

This Playoff utilizes the current Conference alignment to select 16 Teams based on winning games not by Polls, Computers or Committees, instead only using the Invitation Rules below.

Rule 1: The 8 Automatically Qualified Conference Division Champions for their Conference Championship Game plus the Champions of the Big XII & AAC.

Rule 2: Notre Dame will be selected with 11 or more wins.

Rule 3: A non-AQ Conference Championship Game winner with 11 or more wins starting in order of priority with the CUSA or MAC Champion if none then the MW Champion with 11 or more wins.

Rule 4*: Next the 2nd Place teams from the Big XII and AAC with at least 10 wins. Then the 3rd Place teams from the 4 AQ Conferences with at least 10 wins till 16 teams have been selected.

(*) Ties for selection by Rule 4 to the first round playoff games will be decided by a lottery.

Rule 5*: If 16 teams have not been selected then at-large team(s) with 10 or more wins will be chosen using the following priorities, Teams with 10-2 records over 10-3 then AQ over non-AQ teams.

(*) Limit 1 additional team per Conference by Rule 5.

(Any ties for the 16th and final at-large invitation will be broken by draw of lots.)

This Playoff will be a 4 Round single elimination tournament played in 8 Round 1 elimination games (e.g. Conference Championships) & 7 Post Season Bowl Games, beginning the first Saturday of December, then the New Years Bowls and the 2 semi-final Bowl Games and the National Championship Game the next two weeks.

In the aftermath of the decision to change the BCS to a 4 team National Championship Series the experience of the FCS Playoff utilizing automatic invitations to Conference Champions and expanding the number of teams becomes a useful test platform in perfecting a Major College Football National Championship Playoff.

Therefore a logical trial run with an expanded 16 team playoff utilizing the current Conference alignments and Post Season Bowl Games could have been implemented for the 2013 Season in order to have any chance at getting it right before the 2014 longterm contracts are finalized with the NCAA, Conferences, Bowls and TV Networks.

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Nick Saban wants a Division with only Power Conferences , strength of schedule is important, but also, he said the fans want to see good games.

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16 Team National Championship Playoff

The Summary:

16 Teams in a 4 round single elimination National Championship Playoff made up of 15 games with 8 on-site home games in Round 1 as elimination games* the 1st Saturday of December then 7 Major Bowl Games for the following 3 rounds during the post season.

The 12 Conference Champions and 4 at-large 2nd Place teams with the most wins will make up the 16. To make sure every Conference has equal standing the FBS will be reorganized into 12 Conferences of 10 teams with the best, average and least teams divided equally among the Conferences. The 12 Conferences will be divided into 3 Regions of 4 Conferences.

The Quarter-Final Bowl Games will act as the 3 Regional Championship Games & 1 At-Large Final which will all be played on the 3rd or 4th Saturday in December.

The Semi-Final Bowl Games will be played on the 4th or 5th Saturday of December, except Saturday December 25th, which will be played Monday, December 27th.

The National Championship Game will be played the Saturday after January 1st except when it falls on January 2nd then it will be played on Saturday, January 9th.

(* Teams eliminated in Rounds 1 & 2 will be eligible for selection in a Level I Post Season Bowl Game.)

Required Reorganization of Division I FBS football

Reforms the Div 1 FBS by making it a new Major College Football Division (MCFD) with a 16 Team National Championship Playoff under the control of the NCAA and its member Schools. With a No Patsy Rule ending the scheduling of a 12th game with lower division opponents to pad a teams winning record. Also ending the distinction of Automatically Qualified Conferences and the Independent Status of some Schools.

Restructures the former 120 Team FBS into a new Division divided into 3 Regions with 40 Schools in 4 equal strength Conferences of 10 teams. Reducing the Regular Season to 11 games over 12 weeks ending the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Replacing the BCS by a 16 Team National Championship Playoff made up of the 12 Conference Champions and 4 top 2nd Place Teams in 4 Rounds featuring Regional and At-Large team Competition with 8 on-site home games the 1st Saturday in December followed by Regional & At-Large Championship Games in 4 Bowl Games on the 3rd or 4th Saturday in December. Then the National Championship Semi-Finals on the 4th or 5th Saturday in December. Followed by the National Championship Game on the Saturday after January 1st when on January 3rd through 9th. (see Championship Playoff Schedule & Post Season Bowl Competition)

Realigns the Conferences to reflect regional groupings and traditional membership while fairly dividing programs into equal strength Conferences. (See Conference Realignment)

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